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Cancel position up to 12 hours before game without penalty

Stick & Puck

Tue, Jul 11
Lions Rink 3 (Indoor)
RIM Park (Ice Rink)

City of Waterloo

Stick & Puck
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18+ Ages
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Stick & Puck is a new development to help grow the game of hockey. With time dedicated to practicing skills and helping grow players individual skills, this program is a middle ground between a public skate and a full game. HELMET & GLOVES ARE MANDATORY. Full CSA equipment is recommended as well bring your own stick and puck. The organization of a full game is not permitted during this time. We will also not be allowing any type of hockey aids or apparatuses (pylons/deflectors/etc). Players or equipment (pucks) also should not go on the ice until the city staff have concluded the ice preparations and the resurface doors are FULLY CLOSED. This is done for the safety of our staff and equipment.

If you are new to Waterloo’s Own PickupHub, here is a step by step guide to your participation. 1. Reserve your spot online. 2. Visit customer service before your game to receive your wristband that will indicate you as a participant of the game. Customer service can request ID for your wristband so don’t forget to bring it. 3. Wear your wristband to the game. That wristband is your receipt for the game and must be worn during the game. Staff will make you retrieve your band in the middle of the game if you are not wearing it. 4. Have fun playing a sport you love!

The City of Waterloo has a Respectful Behavior policy that can be found online at https://www.waterloo.ca/en/government/policies.asp . “The purpose of this policy is to promote a safe, healthy, respectful, and positive environment for members of the public, volunteers, and staff.”

Program related questions can be directed to Jim Zuber at jim.zuber@waterloo.ca or 519-884-5363 #17239

Tech related questions can be directed to the PUH Tech team at help@pickuphub.net

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Lions Rink 3
RIM Park
2001 University Ave. Waterloo, ON N2K 4K4
Map Location

1 spot left (7 months)

game on!
Cancel position up to 12 hours before game without penalty
Dark Team
12 Players
Dark Team
12 Players
K. C.

Kyle Cupolo

A. M.

Adam Moore

K. H.

Keith Hori

D. G.

Declan Graham

Brad Aldworth

Evan Benwell

Jay Schrier

G. S.

Gregory Schrier

A. S.

Abigail Schrier

D. B.

Denis Bouchard

D. S.

Daniel Schrier


Justin Schrier

Light Team
11 Players
Light Team
11 Players

Jason L.

A. V.

Amadeo Vaz

C. M.

Caylee Macpherson

M. B.

Martin Bidzinski

C. K.

Craig Kieswetter

W. G.

Wesley Gough booth

Sean Howitt

Josie Ruston

Julian Albrecht

E. E.

Ellen Etchingham


Griffin Williamson