What happens if the game does not fill up?

The organizer will determine if enough players have registered for the game. If there are less than the minimum amount of players the game will be cancelled and the user's credit card will not be charged. A cancellation notification will automatically be sent to you.

What happens if the game is cancelled?

A notification will be sent to you via email and you will not be charged.

Can I withdraw from the game and receive a refund?

You will not be charged if you withdraw from the game more than 12 hours in advance:

  • Withdraw outside 12 hrs from game start = no charge
  • Withdraw inside 12 hrs of game start = credit card will be charged
I registered as a substitute, how often do I get to play?

Subs play as much as everyone else. Players should rotate accordingly.

Am I committed to play a certain number of games?

No. You purchase games individually and may play as many or as few as you like.

What does it cost to play a game?

Game costs vary with the duration of the game, location, referees and organizers.

Where can I find out how much credit I have?

In your hub (when you login) on the top right of the page.

How can I use my credit if I have any?

If you have credit it will always be used as the first method of payment when purchasing a position.