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9v9 Indoor Full Field game

Wed, Aug 22
Indoor Full Field (Indoor)
RIM Park (Artificial Grass)
Cost, Location, Details
18+ Ages
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Welcome to WATERLOO'S OWN PickupHub.

Soccer is where PickupHub began and has seen a strong following ever since! We look to continue develop the culture of a fun and inclusive environment.

We want to make playing pick-up sports easy and accessible for our community. Sign up online, pick a game, buy a spot, and watch the games fill. Instead of managing group chats or chain emails, we assist the organization and planning so playing becomes easier! You can also connect through PickupHub by “following” other players who play the same sports as you to get notified when they sign up.

If you are new to Waterloo’s Own PickupHub, here is a step by step guide to your participation. If you have made it this far you have already made an account and found a game you want to play. After reserving your spot online, you’re ready until game time. Visit customer service before your game to receive your wristband that will indicate you as a participant of the game. Strap that on and you are good to go!

Questions about this program direction, additional times / days of the week for game options, and other feedback can be directed to Jim Zuber at or 519-884-5363 #17239

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Indoor Full Field
RIM Park
Manulife Sportsplex, 2001 University Ave E, Waterloo, ON N2K, Canada
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Game is full

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Cancel position up to 12 hours before game without penalty
Black Team
13 Players
Black Team
13 Players
M. M.

Musa Mwangi

Folusho O.

Kostadin Kolev

A. M.

Alain Moussa

S. A.

Surosh Akbari

Ferhat C.

Zizo Zizo

Marwan Saadeldin

Ibrahim Nooris

Surab Akbari

N. S.

Nizar Saadeldeen

Ahmed Madkhoum

Gbenga Oke

White Team
12 Players
White Team
12 Players

Adam D

Francis Dibia

Nathan Groff

Mulham Al Akhras

Dino Rossi

Jeremy Amaral

Ferris Stallone

J. O.

John Okolo

Mayowa Rotimi

Khaled Younes