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Cancel position up to 12 hours before game without penalty

Adult Saturday Night Shinny

Sat, Jan 06
Lions Rink 3 (Indoor)
RIM Park (Ice Rink)
Cost, Location, Details
18+ Ages
Not Ref'd
Additional Info:

Welcome to WATERLOO'S OWN PickupHub for Women's Shinny Ice Hockey.

One of the most powerful features about the PickupHub Concept is the pregame commitment and connective communication that this platform allows. Find a game / buy a spot / watch the player list grow in commitment. No more requirement to text friends, Facebook each other or call the facility to ask about attendance. The trick is to commit and connect with others on the PickupHub Platform. This can be done by "following" other players to receive notifications on game sign ups. Our trial experiences in Youth Shinny and other sport programs along with receiving both Provincial and Nation recognition on this program platform has been extremely positive.

We look forward to connecting the playing community through PickupHub and not only supporting but developing this program into a strong weekday activity. Women's hockey is on the rise and We Got You covered.

Questions about this program direction and additional times / days of the week for game options can be directed to Jim Zuber at or 519-884-5363 #17239

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Lions Rink 3
RIM Park
2001 University Ave. Waterloo, ON N2K 4K4
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Game is full

game on!
Cancel position up to 12 hours before game without penalty
Black Team
12 Players
Black Team
12 Players
P. M.

Peter Magolan

Brandon Schofield

K. H.

Kris Hehl

T. C.

Ty Carvalho

T. S.

Tyson Schneider

A. C.

Antonio Commisso

Jake Lublin

M. M.

Mark Montag

E. H.

Eric Hocking

N. D.

Nick Damianakis

L. B.

Liam Buchenauer

Z. H.

Zack Haman

White Team
12 Players
White Team
12 Players
J. B.

Josh Bauer

J. H.

Jesse Haman

L. C.

Lukas Cudney

Zack Maloney

J. H.

Josh Holland

Jay Longo

A. H.

Adam Hewlett

R. L.

Ryan Luft

John-David Jacobsen

B. S.

Braeden Syrnyk

M. O.

Matt O'Reilly

D. K.

Devin Kufske